Reading Types

This is for first-time clients and comprises an explanation and analysis of the natal horoscope, showing gifts and skills as well as the difficulties and challenges inherent in the horoscope. An assessment of recent events, current status and future potentials is given. Length = thirty, sixty or ninety minutes. In the sixty and ninety minute readings there is more in depth and includes basic
Astro-location (see below).

Annual Forecast
This gives an overview of the coming year from both an annual and monthly basis, specifying weeks and days where relevant and incorporating transits, progressions, retrogrades, eclipses and solar/lunar returns. Thirty, sixty or ninety minutes.

Recommended for those seeking location advice and for specifying places where career, financial, relationship, residential or family situations can grow or be difficult. By placing the horoscope on the globe, localities where opportunities and challenges may lie can be determined. Thirty or sixty minutes.

Long Term Forecast
Looks at the coming years for long term trends, challenges and potential options, using outer planetary positions and progressions in one’s chart to focus on coming times and can cover a range from two to ten years in advance. Thirty or sixty minutes.

Relationship Consultation
This reading looks at relationship patterns, primarily personal and intimate but also covers professional, family or social. It shows what does and doesn’t work in the interaction by comparing two horoscopes and also combines the two horoscopes into one, showing the directions, purpose and timings for the relationship to evolve into. Thirty or sixty minutes.

Bespoke Option
This reading is for specific questions/issues or for a specified combination of other reading forms.

Children’s Horoscopes
This is for parental guidance and shows the potentials and challenges in the child’s astrological makeup. It is helpful when determining direction to maximise the child’s potential. This reading is limited to 30 minutes.

30 minutes £85/75*
60 minutes £145/130*
90 minutes £190/160*
*Existing clients returning within 15 months.

Payments via Paypal will incur an extra £5

Reading Formats
Readings are interactive by Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, telephone or in person whether in your location, my office or elsewhere and are recorded simultaneously then sent via file transfer to your email for download and later listening.

Quarterly Video Forecasts

Personal video forecasts are available – these consist of a 28 -30 minute long three-monthly forecast covering the larger more generalised picture as well as day by day situations developing in the near future.  The videos are recorded and then placed in private mode on YouTube so that only you and I can view them.  The fee per quarter (three months) is £85 per quarter or £300 per year. Email for this service, payment function for this coming to the shop soon!

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Cancellation policy – If more than 72 hours notice is given, monies will be refunded in full or a new booking will be facilitated.  Otherwise, refunds are at my discretion.