Links Having visited over 200 crop formations since 1989, I follow the crop circle world closely. This site is the original, best, and politics free. This guy single handedly (OK, with the help of a chewing gum company) transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others simply by going to the craziest of places and just dancing. If you do not smile uncontrollably within one minute, I’ll give you your money back. The best ethnic British “underground” protest music. Buy their music, go to their gigs, send them money these people stand up and make a noise about the corporate greed and environmental destruction that is being wrought, and they bring an energy of happiness and empowerment to one’s life. Accurate time zones for the entire world at any given moment. The truth about factory farming Anthropomorphology itself, one of the most innovative people in the world. The biggest influence on me in recent years in terms of contemporary fiction. Some people are gurus or leaders, seeking to empower others. Others seek to help others empower themselves, such as Ana and the Whispering Tree collective in Boulder, Colorado. Contemporary, unified American shamanism.

Flash mob Antwerp, I dare you not to smile-

Flash mob Spain, Joy at its best-

Here’s some stupid astrologer trying to do stand up in front of five hundred drunks. Password = steve, and its best from about 25 minutes onwards when the astrologer in question starts giving it back…

Time Lapse photography at its best…

The Trappist version of the Hallelujah Chorus-

Think your dog can sing?-–9AHQ
Don’t let your kids try this at home-

Greatest speech of all time-

Occupy the internet-

These people speak for me –


Below is a list of various podcasts that I have been involved with, enjoy!

24 June 2017 – Hour long podcast with me and Spoony from spoon of consciousness covering all philosophical attitudes towards astrology

12 August 2017 – Twenty minute podcast covering Astrocartography

18 August 2017 – Five minute podcast on the Saturn return

25 August 2017 – Twenty minute podcast on astrology and scepticism

14 October 2017 – Twenty minute podcast on how astrology can be used for self improvement (check out 6.00 – 6.30 for the humour)